RO 120MM Bullet Vibe: First Sex Toy For a College Girl

The RO 120MM Bullet Vibe was my very first 바이브레이터 purchase. Ironically, this is my very first sex toy review too. I am a total novice at the whole vibrator thing or any toy for that matter. This was my first purchase. I rarely rave, publicly, over a product but this clitoral-friendly, vibrating bullet totally changed my life! That might sound over the top to you but as a female student in college, who lives in a small apartment, with a roommate, this vibrating bullet sex toy is the perfect, nighttime, friend for a beginner, like me.

I guess, since this is anonymous, I can tell you that having an orgasm, through penetration, has been really hard for me. I have a boyfriend and when we make love I get super close but then…nothing. I feel left out and like a failure. No matter how hard I try that orgasm eludes me during penetration. Until now. The RO 120MM Bullet Vibe has helped me find what works with my body and what arouses me. My first, novice, sex toy gets an A+.

Turns out, after I researched it, that lots of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. I am one of those women. This is why penetration, alone, didn’t work! This vibrating bullet allowed me to explore my body and find all those sweet spots. Don’t forget your nipples, girls. Feels great on them too. I can’t help but gush over this awesome toy for beginners, like me!

Now, keep in mind I have never bought a sex toy before so yeah, kind of intimidating. I got online and looked around and omg there are so many to choose from! Some are downright scary for a first-timer, like me. The RO 120MM Bullet Vibe is small, discreet, and very quiet – remember I have a roommate. It doesn’t look like a big porn star penis or like you would need 10 pages of instructions on how to use it. I liked that about it. Also, it’s not too badly priced, for a girl in college, which sweetened the deal.

Oh and one of the best features of this female sex toy? It’s waterproof! Hello, bath time. Nothing sweeter than a warm bubble bath, slippery skin, and the RO 120MM Bullet Vibe to help you get every nook and cranny squeaky clean! I wanted to make sure to put that in this sex toy review because I know the ladies out there will love this bullet vibe in the tub. I know I do! This bullet has three vibration modes. A medium-high steady vibration, a high steady vibration, and a high pulsation pattern. Pushing down the button will scroll through the vibration settings – holding the button down for two seconds will turn the bullet off. The intensity of this discreet, vibrating, toy is just WOW. My clitoris loves it!

I can’t wait, but am a little nervous, to share it with my boyfriend. I am hoping he finds it sexy too. I know he will, really. He is pretty kinky and relaxed in bed. I am the one that is shy. I need to get over that. I was thinking of caressing his balls with it while giving him a blow job. I think that would be an excellent way to introduce my new vibrating friend. If he doesn’t like I will still have my private, one on one, sessions with it. I won’t ever break up with the RO 120MM Bullet Vibe. I think my pussy and this sex toy are going to have a very long relationship together. I am not a novice anymore.

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