Tenga Egg Twister: Male Masturbation Sleeve

I’m just a regular dude who likes to jack off. Who doesn’t, right guys? I want to tell you all about the Tenga Egg Twister. It’s a discreet male masturbation sleeve, but it’s so much more than that! Let’s be honest here. There isn’t always a pussy around to do the job and to be quite frank, the hand gets kind of dull. I also travel on business a lot and this certainly makes a cold hotel room so much better at the end of a long hard day. You might say my girlfriend is a pretty progressive thinker, sexually. She was the one that bought me my first Tenga egg, a male masturbation sleeve. She snuck it into my suitcase, and boy did I get a surprise when I opened it up and saw this weird-looking egg that was there for me to masturbate with. She knows that I have a huge sex drive, and when I called her she told me to enjoy my new sex toy and to think of her while I was whacking off.

I must admit to being a tad hesitant because it looks so odd, right? I mean it’s an egg, and aren’t they for girls? The upside is they are very discreet which is a big plus, especially when traveling. I started watching some pay-for-view porn and guess what? I got horny. I opened the Tenga Egg Twister and at the bottom of the egg, there is a little compartment where a package of lube is hidden. You take out the lube and there are instructions on the lube package if you need them. 😉 Then you squeeze some lube into the male masturbation sleeve and get ready to slide it down onto your hard cock. It looks like a condom in many ways and slides down on your dick the same way.

If you turn the Tenga Egg inside out you can see all these fabulous, twisty, ridges and nodules (hence its name) and they provide immense pleasure. This 바이브레이터 looks so unassuming but packs an amazing, textured, squeeze on your junk when you stroke up and down. It was fucking awesome! I was amazed at how good it felt to beat off with. The pros are, it’s cheap, it feels fucking good, and it’s very discreet and travels well. Keep in mind you will only get 3 to 4 uses out of it but for the price, it is well worth every penny for this male masturbation sleeve.

My GF even looked it up online and discovered if you turn a Tenga Egg inside out you can use it as a sleeve on your Hitachi Wand. Hitachi Wand accessories are really pricey and for 9.85 each and 6 different styles to choose from, she can have a different attachment of her choice. Guess what vibrating sex toy she wants for Christmas now???

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