Locking Cock Cage for Male Chastity Play

My husband and I are just a normal couple, really. We purchased a steel locking cock cage for male chastity fetish play. That just means that we are experimenting with domination and submission, a little and having some kinky sex in private. And what’s really normal anyway? What we do in our bedroom is our business and boy are we having fun! My husband has always had a secret longing for me to be a bit more dominant in the bedroom. I had no clue he felt that way until he confessed to me, one night, a few months ago.

At first, I was a little bit shocked. Ok, a lot shocked but when I got over my embarrassment and seriously thought about it, it honestly piqued my sexual interest. I mean I have seen those sexy dominatrix-type females in mainstream movies and I always thought they were super sexy. I wished I could be like that. All confident and sexually aggressive with my man. Turns out I can! I think couples should explore together and be honest with each other. Since we started experimenting with fetishes like key holding and orgasm control etc… our sex life is ever so exciting!

Back to the locking cock cage. When we got it in the mail we were thrilled! Couldn’t wait to put the naughty, thigh-high, boots my husband bought me for my birthday on and give this baby a whirl. Now I have to say if you have never used a locking cock cage before it can be a little hard (read we giggled a lot) to get this baby on. You need lube and a soft penis which isn’t always possible when your excited husband is waiting for his new, male chastity toy to be locked in place. All that slippery lube and caressing..well you get the idea. Oh and a word to the wise? You will need to use lube with this male chastity 러브젤.

Once the locking cock cage was in place I leaned back on the bed and had him perform oral on me while his naughty cock grew fatter and thicker. He said it was the most intense feeling of submission he has had so far for me. Feeling those rings squeezing his cock meat had him wild. I have to admit he has never performed oral like that before! I had him cater to me all night while his poor cock twitched in its steel prison. Wine, a bubble bath, full massage, and oral beyond my wildest dreams all while the key to the lock swung between my full breasts, on a chain, right before his very eyes. I think I am going to like this male chastity device.

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