Are usually vaginal laser?

It is a new C02 laser, which, through really small impacts of thermal strength, favors manufacturing top quality collagen in the vagina, raising the thickness of the mucosa plus the elasticity and hydration of the muscle.

The vaginal laserlight is an effective solution, which often is performed in an outpatient foundation, in consultation and without hospital admission, which in turn relieves, reduces or eliminates the signs associated with the lack of estrogen.

Along with three laser periods, with an span of 1 month between every one, it is usually enough to be able to stimulate the generation of collagen, in addition to improve the Ph level in the vagina. Throughout 오나홀 -ups, each patient is definitely assessed whether a new reminder session will be necessary.

The vaginal laser session may last, at most, between 15 and something like 20 minutes, it is usually carried out inside the consultation (not within the operating room) and, after the treatment, the patients can easily immediately continue together with their normal life. It is recommended in order to avoid sexual intercourse during the initial 5 days following its application but not to carry out and about activities which could generate pressure for the treated area during the first 3 to 5 days after remedy (cycling, horse using… ).

Most gynecological laser sessions are performed without inconsiderateness, although it is very important to note that will each woman is different and this is always necessary to agree together with each patient if they prefer or perhaps need local inconsiderateness.

The regeneration procedure lasts days, but the stimulation will be immediate. The outcomes are noticeable quite early, they will be cumulative and the most sufferers perceive the enhancements from the 1st session. Prolonged a result of treatment (from six to 12 months).

It is a new procedure that, in expert hands and with quality equipment, has no complications or post-treatment sequelae. Negative effects are local, transitory and infrequent. In some instances they can trigger an increase in vaginal discharge, a slight burning experience, little or no bleeding plus, temporarily and just in 4-6% involving cases, urge incontinence. this way that the treatment has not any contraindication.
How will the gynecological laser beam work?

The laserlight in gynecology is definitely performed with the head that will be inserted in the vagina and emits a new beam of thermal energy that is used 360� within the complete surface of the genitals.

This favors blood vessels flow and boosts the production of fresh collagen, allows treating the vaginal mucosa and its walls, increasing their laxity, vaginal dryness, mild urinary : incontinence, etc.
Benefits of the vaginal laser beam

All women may undergo vaginal laser hair treatment, there are no contraindications:

In fresh women who, just after one or a lot more vaginal deliveries, experience from overdistention regarding the vaginal wall space and have dropped the standard tone and even elasticity of the vaginal mucosa.
With regard to the treatment of mild to average bladder control problems, vaginal laxity and vaginal drying.
During menopause, whenever there are urogenital symptoms: vulvovaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, irritation, burning, itching, discomfort during sexual sexual intercourse or mild or moderate urine loss.
Women having a record of breast cancers presenting with genital dryness plus a contraindication to the utilization of estrogen treatment.
Ladies with episiotomy scar discomfort and soreness during sexual sexual intercourse.g

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