How does Viagra® work?

Vasodilator , it acts specifically on the penis. Erection is dependent on the autonomic nervous system . It is due to the relaxation of the smooth muscles surrounding the blood vessels. In a situation of desire, a neurotransmitter NO is produced in situ , it increases the concentration of a molecule , cGMP, which causes… Continue reading How does Viagra® work?

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

The causes of erectile dysfunction are complex and can include mental and physical aspects. Erections come from a complex combination of factors and are directly influenced by: The physical mechanisms The feelings Your emotions 5 Do’s and Don’ts About Taking Viagra (Alcohol in particular) Several factors can influence the effectiveness of Viagra. These include the… Continue reading What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Cialis Usage

Cialis is known as an erection pill for men up to 36 hours. There are certain rules to be observed in its use. It should be consumed with plenty of water about half an hour before sexual intercourse. Considering the long-term effect, it is very convenient to use 1 piece a day, more than that… Continue reading Cialis Usage

Are Cialis Reviews Positive?

Cialis, which is an erection pill for men, is used safely by millions around the world. This pill, which provides a solution to the problem of erection and premature ejaculation if it is originally obtained from reliable sources, is also used by many men in our country. The number of usage is increasing day by… Continue reading Are Cialis Reviews Positive?

Viagra and Levitra Comparison Results?

egardless of age, after reaching puberty, people’s desire for sexuality increases to a great extent, so they aim to establish relations with the opposite sex in order to meet their wishes. However, some age groups may encounter difficulties in terms of experiencing sexuality and may lose their interest in sexuality 시알리스 구입. It is seen… Continue reading Viagra and Levitra Comparison Results?

What Harms Sexual Life?

Sex life is one of the important issues in our lives. The happiness of sexual life is also extremely important. Because sexual life also affects people’s daily normal lives. Considering this, take care of happiness in sexual life. But some things hurt your sex life. Knowing what they are, we must take our precautions. So… Continue reading What Harms Sexual Life?